Many business have physical retail stores, and websites that are designed for eCommerce. The combination of the website and the eCommerce components have to be able to be integrated for the business to be successful, attract new customers, and engage loyal repeat customers. Some systems rely on third party eCommerce services for checkout functions, storing a customer database, or managing inventory. That situation costs the business money, limits the responsiveness of customer concerns, and can result in a website that fails to meet expectations. That may be wonder for the competitor, but does nothing for the business. There are affordable options for businesses for both website design and eCommerce platforms.

One option is to have a website custom created with exceptional content management systems (CMS). The innovative Titanium CMS allows business website owners to manage the site graphics, content, and layouts to keep it interesting, relevant, and customer-oriented. That eliminates the need to hire a programmer every time the site needs an overhaul. Features include search engine marketing tools, such as keyword searches, page suggestions, and competitive analysis.

Imaging editing software is built right into the site, and a file library is available to upload and store graphics, videos, audio messages, and files to be used for content. That makes switching content and graphics easy and fast, so the site stays fresh and new. A shopping cart module is also available, and can be integrated into the CMS. It allows the business to manage orders, maintain an accurate customer database, and track inventory.

The company also has experienced SLC Magento Programmers who can offer a different format for the online store, to give businesses options. Magneto is a powerful eCommerce platform that is open sourced, and cloud-based. This platform combines digital and physical shopping experiences to allow businesses to increase customer engagement and interactions, increase productivity, and remain in complete control of their inventory, their branding, and their processes and procedures. Bing Adwords Specialists, social media marketing experts, and search engine optimization (SEO) professionals are also available to help develop long and short-term marketing strategies. Deciding on the best system for the business needs can make the difference between a successful site, and a failing one.